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Who: Haruko Haruhara and the Once-ler
What: Home intrusion and nonsense
Where: The Once-ler's house
When: Backdated to Thursday, May 3rd
Warnings: Slapstick and idiocy

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1. Action, around Town

[So the power is out. So what, who cares? Haruko certainly doesn't give a damn. She got her guitar back last set of regains, and she's feeling fine as long as she has that. Hell, far as she's concerned with the lack of drones being active and people trying to stay inside to keep warm, now's the perfect time to tear ass around town.

If you're out and about today, you'll find a woman just over the surface of the snow on a bass guitar, smiling like mad about it.

Until the guitar disappears from under her, and she falls and dives face first into the snow, sputtering.]

2. Also Action Around Town

[Well that sucked. Her guitar is gone, and her Vespa is too, so Haruko is just stalking crankily around the town, arms folded in a pout. So she'll do what she does when she's cranky: be as annoying as possible. Well. Alright. She does that all the time, but especially when she's cranky.

So, if you see her around town, prepare to hear her just screeching Christmas carols.]


[And is then interrupted as she bursts into a coughing fit. Someone didn't bundle up for the cold, considering they hadn't planned to be out here that long.]

3. Locked to 2237 Stevens

[Hey not!family. Don't mind Haruko. She's just filtered the gasoline out of one of the cars and dumped it over the couch with the intention of setting it on fire for warmth. Fortunately for all of you, she either can't find a goddamn lighter or doesn't feel like it, so she's rubbing two sticks together to try and produce flame.]

Come on.

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[When most people are in a situation where being captured and eaten alive is a distinct possibility, their survival instinct kicks in. They run and hide, only fighting to protect themselves and their loved ones. Any sane person would think that when they see a bunch of murderous, cannibalistic psychopaths armed with axes and guns.

When Haruko sees that, she decides she's gotta get her some of those weapons. One of those trucks, too, but she's guessing that's unlikely on her own despite her own idiocy craziness.

Maybe you're trying to sneak around and get away while there's a group of the cannibals present nearby. Maybe you're waiting for the perfect moment to make a mad dash and try and find safety, for the cannibals to be properly distracted.

Well, that time is now because there's a crazy pink-haired woman coming from the other direction, brandishing a steel pipe and screaming at the top of her lungs. She seems to have managed to catch the cannibals off guard at first, and damn well taken their attention, because they're going straight for her.

For her part, Haruko actually appears to be a pretty competent fighter, even in the face of multiple opponents. If you want and you were backed into a corner, now's your chance to escape. Or help her, if you think you can.]

[OOC: Warning if you do go ahead and tag in with the intent of helping: Haruko is essentially practicing run and gun tactics. She'll kill/subdue some, take their weapons, then flee. Unless she knows you due to her stay here, there's a good chance she'll flee and leave you behind after she gets what she wants. If that's the case, put in the header how well/badly you want things to go with your character during this.]
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[Haruko hadn't remembered there being mushrooms here before. That being the case, there was only one logical thing to do.

She should, of course, take a taste of them. What could possibly go wrong with that? Hell, she'll even make something with them and put them in the fridge for later, either for her or for whoever else gets to them before her.

She blinked as she stepped out of the house. This wasn't Mayfield. Wasn't the town she'd been in for the last month. This?

Was Mabase. She was back in Mabase and she was right outside Ta-kun's house yet again. Looking just like she left it. She went back in, only to find it the same as it had always been, at least when she had been there.

She shrugged. What the hell ever. It wasn't like it was the first time reality seemed bizarre, but hey. She could dig it.]

[Action - In front of 2237 Stevens]

[If you're passing by, you'll notice a woman talking to a trash can. Rather obnoxiously, too. Whatever conversation she's having with it, it isn't a pleasant one.]

Yeah well that's just you isn't it? I know what I'm doing. If you don't like it, tough cookies for you, huh?

[Haruko was one for talking to herself. Hell, she'd do it quite a bit as a means of amusing herself if there was no one present at the moment to annoy. But usually it was just, you know. Her.

Usually, she wasn't looking at a little version of herself. A child version of herself, although dressed the way she usually was. The clothes were loose fitting on the child, helmet almost covering her eyes. But when the child smiled up at Haruko it was the same obnoxious smile Haruko knew she usually wore when she tormented people. She didn't know until just now HOW annoying it was to see.]

You sure seem happy, huh? Chasing him here and there and everywhere.

Yeah, I am happy. Funny how that works, y'know? [Haruko put her hands on her hips, eyes starting to narrow in irritation. Little shit. Who did she think she was talking to?] Besides, he can't run forever. He's boned. I'll get 'im in the end and that's just that. Slurp his power up like a slushie.

Reeeeaaallly? [God. A child shouldn't be able to draw words out like that.] You're really persistent huh? That's good! It means you'll accomplish a lot.


What've you accomplished in the last hundred of years chasing him?

[Haruko's face moves into a look of mock surprise, making an "ooooooh" sound the entire time.] Woooooow you got me there, huh? Guess I'll just pack it up and call it quits. Besides, I've accomplished a lot, thank you very much.

Yeah? Like what? C'mon, don't let me down grown up me.

Y'know, you'd think little girls would be all sugar and spice. I sure was. I know I was the cutest little kid ever. So how about you act like it.

You're dodging the question.

There's nothing to dodge. I'm on the road to getting him. It's just a matter of time.

You'll never catch him.

Yes, I will. [Haruko just rolls her eyes at that, shooting a bored look at the trashcan.] That it? You done?

I don't know.

Are you done using up everyone you meet? I'll be done then.

So you know. Never.

[Haruko just stands there, looking blank faced for a moment. Staring at the girl. Staring at the trash can, that's taken a different form in her delusions. And then she kicks it down before walking away in a huff. Angry.]

[Action 2]

[As you're going about your day, get ready to get shoved on your ass as Haruko stalks down the street. It's debatable if she even notices you, and if she does it certainly isn't as anything more than an annoyance who's dumb enough to stand in her way. So shoved you get, as she starts shouting down the street.]

Hey! Hey! Oh, cute! That's really cute, Ta-kun! Real mature.

[God knows who Ta-kun is, because she doesn't seem to be screaming at, well, anyone.

But she can see him. It wasn't even hard to find him, it being his home town and all. She'd seen him leave the house while she'd been dicking around outside.

When he didn't react to her, she knew something was wrong. And so, she'd been following him down the street ever since, calling out. Playfully, at first, and then slowly more aggressive.

How dare he ignore her. How is he even doing it? He couldn't ignore her to save his life, for god's sake. He liked her too much. She made sure he liked her too much. It was kind of necessary to con him. But now the con was done, and really it didn't matter that he was here. There was nothing more to get from him.

So what did she care if he kept walking away. She didn't care. She didn't care at all.

She was just yelling because she was trying to talk to him.]

Ignoring me? Rude. See how many girls attention you get that way, they love being ignored.

How about you even see if I care, Ta-kun?

[Congrats, next person in front of her. You get to get tripped.]

[Action 3]

[Hey, you hear that?

That is a very, very pissed off pink-haired woman running at you, bass held high behind her head as she charges straight for you.

Because in her eyes? Your body is blazing with unnatural energy. You're not even really standing, for god's sake, you're just barely floating off the ground.

And your ass is hers.]


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[Today is a wonderful day Mayfield. Do you know why?

Because Haruko has her Vespa back, folks. The Wasp Woman is back in action, and my god is she ever pleased.

Look out folks. She's on the road.]

[Action 1]

[You might be driving to work, or off to buy something, or whatever else when some crazy pink-haired woman cuts you off on her glaring yellow Vespa.

Not only that? But she's going to stand up as she drives, hands off the handlebars, hooting and hollering happily the whole time. Enjoy trying to get past or get her attention to get her to move, because there's a good chance she's about to lose control and crash into you or something else.]

[Action 2]

[If you're a male and age twelve or up, you might hear a loud whirring sound. It looks like there's a woman driving towards you, fast, on a Vespa, a cheap bass guitar that she bought in the town in her hand. The funny thing is, you may not be some place where people should even be driving: maybe your out in the park, or on the sidewalk, or anywhere else. Doesn't matter, she's still driving towards you, bass held high.

Clearly, she's just making a mistake and will be swerving out of the way soon.]

Batter uuuuuuuuuup!

[Or maybe not.]

[Action 3]

[As you're going about your day, you might notice a woman sitting on a bright yellow Vespa. Nothing extraordinary about that, is there?

Did I mention that the Vespa is floating in mid-air? And that the woman is clearly displeased with it?]

C'mon, you piece of crap. What, you forget how to leave orbit?


I need action figures. Action figures or models.

Preferably Gundam models.

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Outside the Blob

[With a giant, amorphous glob of Jell-o possibly of alien origin attacking the town, there's clearly only one thing to do.

Attack aggressively.

Which is why if you're on the streets today, you'll find that Haruko has managed to take her house's car and is speeding down the streets, trying to find an appropriate angle from which to launch her attack on the Blob. Okay. She's actually trying to find something to ramp off of because you have to admit that'd be pretty cool, but that's really a pretty minor detail.

Either way, there's a woman speeding dangerous down the road who might have just nearly hit you or your car. Have fun.]

Inside the Blob

[If you're one of the unfortunate people to have been consumed by the Blob, you'll hear the sounds of someone eating their way through it before stopping near you, just enough to create an air pocket. And you'll soon find yourself face to face with a pink-haired woman in her early 20s, smacking her lips disdainfully.]

Jeez, why cherry. Really think grape would've been better, you know? Or watermelon.

Is watermelon a jelly flavor? It oughta be.

[Guess what? She isn't going away unless you try to force her to.]
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Action - 2237 Stevens

[Haruko wasn't particularly expecting to wake up in bed next to a big hulking stranger in a house she had never been in. But here she was, and she decided she'd react like any sane person would in this situation.

She marches over to the closet and begins putting on the 1950s apparel, apparently for amusement at first and then to apparently actually try and decide which of the basic outfits looks better on her.

Once she finally appears to have decided on an outfit that suits her, she heads down to the kitchen and, like anyone who has just been kidnapped, takes a look at the clock and proceeds to start making breakfast. So hey not!family, there's something smelling pretty good coming from the kitchen. Your mom sure isn't a drone, but she's kinda acting like one anyway.

The moment someone enters, she'll state without turning around.]

Hey. About time you got up. Hey, c'mon, sit down, breakfasts almost ready and you don't want to be late, right?


So have you ever had just a crazy sense of deja-vu? Like you're just going along living your life and then WHAM! something you swear happened before just hits you right in the face? Yeah that's kinda what this is like.

So why the 50s? I mean, of all the times to theme a prison or whatever is going on here around, it's kinda tame. I mean, where's the terror? The bone-chilling horror? Where are all the people looking up to the sky and screaming, "OH HELP US GOD! SAVE US SAVE US!" [and she just wails that last part by the way]. I mean, from the looks of it here the only wailing you're going to here is from a bunch of noisy babies in strollers.


This is already looking to be the most boring time someone has tried to kidnap me ever.
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Address: 2237 Stevens

Husband - Garviel Loken
Child #1 - Flonne
Child #2 - Yuna
Pet - Drone

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